Workshop "Places and Spaces in Hittite Anatolia: Hatti and the East" at 25-26 October 2013 at the Istanbul University.

 The Cultural Heritage of Hittite Anatolia:

An International and Interdisciplinary Project for a Historical Atlas

International Workshop
“Places and Spaces in Hittite Anatolia I: Hatti and the East”
At the Istanbul University
Kuyucu Murat Paşa Medresesi ‐ Vezneciler
Our organisers and sponsors:
Friday 25.10.2013
10:00‐10:30 Opening
10:30‐11:10 Nestor’s Speech: Massimo Forlanini
The Ancient Land of "Northern" Kummaḫa and Aripša "Inside the Sea”
11:15‐11:35 Christoph Forster
Possible Technical Implementation of the Projected Research Platform "International Network Repository for the Hittite Historical Geography
11:40‐11:55 Coffee Break
11:55‐12:15 Dirk Mielke
Hittite Settlement Policy
12:20‐12:40 Andreas Schachner
The Urban Geography of Hattusha – the Hittite Capital
12:45‐13:05 Özlem Sir Gavaz
The Location of the City of Matilla: A New Look
13:10‐15:10 Lunch
15:10‐15:30 Müge Bulu
A New Look at the Periphery of the Hittite Empire: Re‐evaluation of the 2nd Millennium BC Settlement Patterns of the Amuq Valley in the Light of Ceramics
15:35‐15:55 Eric Jean
Places and Spaces in Hittite Cilicia: Mersin as a Meeting Point Between East and West?
16:00‐16:20 Ahmet Ünal
Cilicia Between the Empires
16:25‐16:45 Çiğdem Maner
First Season of the Konya‐Ereğli Survey: Searching for Hupishna
Coffee Break
19:30 Dinner
Saturday 26.10.2013
10:00‐10:20 Karl Strobel
From Tawiniya to the East: Aspects of Routs and Commerce
10:25‐10:45 Stefano de Martino
The Region of Ankara in the Hittite Time
10:50‐11:10 Erkan Konyar – Rıza Gürler
Kahramanmaraş in the Hittite Empire
11:10‐11:30 Coffee Break
11:35‐11:55 Federico Manuell
Hatti and the Euphrates. An Assessment of the Archaeological Data: Places, Spaces and Artifacts as Evidences of Connection
12:00 ‐12:20 Atilla Engin
Settlement Patterns of the Second Millennium BC in the East Part of the Upper Halys Basin
12:25‐12:45 Metin Alparslan –Meltem Doğan‐Alparslan
The Upper Land: Borders and Places of a Political and Geographical Landscape
12:50‐14:00 Lunch
14:00‐14:20 Şevket Dönmez
The Contribution of New Research to Hittite Historical Geography of Amasya Province
14:25‐14:45 Aslıhan Yurtsever Beyazıt
The Amasya Province During the Hittite Period in the Light of New Evidence
14:50‐15:10 Jörg Klinger
Some (new) Evidence for the Localization of Nerik
19:00 Dinner